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Leaving Nao with Martin was probably one of the best decisions I made for Nao but also for me! It's crazy what he accomplished in just 1 week with my Frenchie! Thank you for improving our quality of life, but also for creating a balance for her! See you soon! I promise!




The work they did with Biggie is incredible. He came in as an extremely nervous, anxious and agressive dog. Came back cool calm and collected. His new balance and stability is out of this world. The guidance and passion provided by Martin is unmatched by anyone. I would go back without hesitation!

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We love and trust Martin because his method of education is really simple to understand and... it works! I will entrust our little Miwa to Martin at any time, we know she is in good hands. I highly recommend Simply-K9!




Simply-K9 is hands down the best option for anyone looking for easy to follow advice. Martin, who sets a whole room at ease with his calming energy, is a no BS dog behaviourist. Day-Z met him about 4 years ago. His advice never wavered, it was always consistent. Martin was available when I sought advice or a refresher course, and each time his message was clear, the homework easy to follow. When I stuck to his words and followed the rules he set out for me (the human) the progress was remarkable in my dog Day-Z’s behaviour.
Thank you for the time invested! Thank you for illuminating me on how to communicate with my dog! Thank you!







Martin is a highly qualified and professional dog trainer. His reading of canine language is impressive and he works miracles in the field of reactive behaviors and of anxiety. After benefiting from Martin's services for my bulldogs, the walks became moments of relaxation. I unreservedly recommend all the services he offers. 



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Martin is the real deal. Before him, my beagle was out of control; no respect, aggressive, bratty, never listened. We tried other trainers before Martin but nothing seemed to work. The last trainer told us Milo was just a difficult case and couldn’t be helped. After just 4 weeks of board & train with Martin (and a lot of consistency and hard work) Milo came back a brand new dog. It’s amazing the care and dedication he puts in to every new client to ensure the best results.

Milo’s  absolutely loves him!





Martin is absolutely terrific. A walk of just 40 minutes completely changed the dynamic between my dog Mila and me. I recommend his services to all dog owners who want to improve their daily lives and that of their dog. He's just like Cesar Millan!




I recommend this dog trainer, competent, he takes the time with us and does his work with passion! Our dog loves going to his daycare!





Martin provides a method and attitude towards training that gets to the core of our dog's issues and has provided us with both immediate and long term benefits. The psychology and philosophy behind the training goes far beyond simply teaching commands. As owners, we still have to put in the effort to see the results, but Martin provides us with the tools and knowledge to do so. He has been nothing but professional and we truly feel that we are provided with a level of service that meets and exceeds our expectations every session. Highly recommended!


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