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Our group classes help create a clear communication between you and your dog and  build a strong relationship of respect and trust.

We work on good behavior while integrating basic commands to have an exemplary dog ​​in all situations of everyday life.

Group classes allow you to learn and practice the good habits you want to teach your dog in a safe environment with controlled distractions.

Puppy Good Manners


For puppies from 2 to 5 months

5 classes of 1h each

During the 5 weeks

we will work on:



Crate training

Introduction to leash walking
Introduction to basic commands


Places are limited

Good Manners,

Obedience & Behavior

For dogs 5 months and up

This class is for dogs of all ages or who have completed our puppy class.

6 classes of 1 h each


During these 6 weeks, we will work on your dog's good behavior while integrating basic obedience commands.


Places are limited

    For the dates of our next classes contact us!    

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